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Welcome to Trilogy Health Solutions

Five Wisconsin insurance executives with over 100 years of combined experience founded Trilogy Health Solutions, Inc. All five began their careers with smaller regional health plans that were eventually acquired by larger national organizations. All five found that bigger is not always better. They preferred the personalized approach of smaller companies, where decisions can be made quickly without bureaucracy, and revolved around live interaction with customers. Trilogy Health Solutions follows those beliefs operating as a local company focused on providing personalized solutions for providers, businesses, insurance carriers and third party administrators.

Every day we practice our trilogy of values by showing respect for our customers, being responsive to their needs, and taking responsibility for our actions. When you have questions, you'll get answers.

Trilogy Health Networks

A key product of Trilogy Health Solutions is a Wisconsin preferred provider network which is sold under the name of Trilogy Health Networks (THN). The network was originally developed for an affiliate of Trilogy Health Solutions and includes most of the major hospital systems and medical groups in eastern Wisconsin.

 Its coverage spans a geographical area comprising sixty-five percent of the Wisconsin population. It includes the geographic areas of Racine/Kenosha, Milwaukee/Waukesha, Oshkosh/Appleton as well as Green Bay and surrounding areas. This comprehensive network includes approximately seventy-five hospitals, thirty-three hundred primary care physicians, ninety-one hundred specialists, and ninety-three hundred ancillary providers.

Trilogy Health Networks is available to both fully insured and self-funded customers.

Trilogy Works Network

Trilogy’s workers’ compensation network provides clients access to one of the only comprehensive independent networks in Wisconsin’s marketplace allowing for easy access to care and rapid return to work for your employees. By building partnerships with Wisconsin healthcare systems, Trilogy is also able to provide substantial aggregate savings.  

Other Solutions

In addition to its Trilogy’s network of providers, Trilogy Health Solutions provides consulting and other services including customized network development, provider network management, and claim re-pricing solutions.

Looking for Trilogy’s Medicaid website?

Find information about Trilogy’s BadgerCare Plus and SSI Medicaid programs. Learn more