Solutions & Services

The following solutions and services have cemented Trilogy Health Solutions as a staple in the Wisconsin Healthcare Market.  Many other carriers and employers already depend on Trilogy Health Solutions to minimize their health care and related costs.  We would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about how your company could benefit from any or all of our services offered.

Preferred Provider Network

Trilogy Health Networks

  • Includes 22 major Wisconsin Hospital Systems and over 29,400 providers covering virtually every specialty
  • Provides substantial aggregate savings through fixed fee arrangements
  • Results in greater cost predictability
  • Available to fully insured* and self-funded customers through the following strategic partners:
    • Allied Benefits
    • Auxiant
    • Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative *
    • Cypress Benefit Administrators
    • Expert Benefit Solutions
    • Medova HealthCare
    • Northern Illinois Health Plan
    • Pekin Insurance *
    • Prairie States Enterprises
    • Sisco
    • U S Health and Life *

Trilogy Health Solutions is keenly adept at implementing our partners quickly and efficiently.  We will do a disruption report in days not weeks. Do you need a solution quickly? Give us a call at 262-432-9140 or 866-429-3241.

Workers' Compensation

Trilogy Works Network

  • Wisconsin's only independent and comprehensive network

  • Successfully meeting the needs of small and large, self-funded and fully insured groups alike by:

    • Building partnerships with healthcare systems

    • Providing substantial aggregate savings

  • See the Trilogy Workers' Compensation average discounts below the WI state fee schedule

WC Bundled Payments

  • Trilogy is the national distributor of WC Bundled Payments, the transformational e-commerce platform for worker's compensation powered by Access HealthNet.

Network Development

  • Vast contracting experience
  • Longstanding partnerships with the provider community
  • Developed own 25 county service area network in only 6 months
  • Assisted with network development for key Wisconsin health system in 6 months
  • Consults, plans, and executes on contracting strategies for our partners and strategic alliances
  • Reputation for quick and flexible solutions

Provider Network Management

  • Carefully constructed proprietary provider database
  • Clean and accurate data management on behalf of multiple clients
  • Customer preferred web-based provider look-up function

Claims Repricing

  • 99.99% claim accuracy rate
  • Proven relationship with market leading repricer with low cost solution
  • 24 hour turnaround time or less

Provider Directory Program

  • Trilogy's Proprietary Provider Directory Program generates dynamic directories on behalf of other network clients and has the capability to produce;
    • Various output formats including .pdfs as well as a customer preferred, interactive and multi-function, web-based provider lookup
    • PDF directories that include user friendly formatting including a table of contents and an index
    • Private labeled interactive lookups and PDF directories; allowing for customization of appearance as well as position of cover pages, inserts, trailer pages, and service area maps
    • Automated, timely data delivery and the ability to request refreshed directory data or directories at any interval, including daily
  • Looking to clean up your current directory riddled with duplicated records or inaccurate data?
    • Contact us to see how Trilogy's network and data management in combination with our proprietary directory program can help solve your directory issues and increase member and provider satisfaction.

WC Bundled Payments

  • Trilogy has partnered with Access HealthNet to deliver transparency and significant savings to the work comp industry with this new product. 
  • Visit WC Bundled Payments product page to learn more.


  • Seasoned executives with extensive experience in sales, provider contracting, IT systems, finance, and leadership roles at all levels
  • Consulting experience includes:
    • Turnaround of health plan
    • Key participant in the country's #1 rated HMO by NCQA
    • Executive responsible for Wisconsin's largest health plan
    • Consultant to several CO-OPs developed under PPACA and assisted with provider contracting and selection of the CO-OP's third party administrator
    • Developed, funded and operated a health insurance company for seven years
    • Developed and funded a Medicaid HMO beginning 2014